Portable Tissue Case

Better your NATURE. Better your FUTURE.

Want more, desire more, buy more, upgrade more, pollute more and waste more.


To live means to consume, we consume air for breathing, water to drink and food to eat. In addition to these basic essentials, weover-consume the ever improving goods and services - cars, houses, appliances, computers, furniture, books, travel and entertainment. Sadlybut truly, when there is consumption, there is waste. The list of things and services we want is endless. Endless desire leads to the endless waste.Therefore, WANT is the culprit of overconsumption. WANT is the culprit of wastes.


Global tissue consumption reached 31.8 million tonnes in 2012, the comsumption is skyrocketing in the last 10 years, especially in developingcountry like China. In 2012, China continued to drive the global tissue market expansion, and accounted for about 46% of the global tissue volumegrowth.


For the tissue consumed, How much is NEED? How much is WANT?

Customized Design (arbitrary size and ply based on different situation)

Existing pocket tissue design is standardized. User cannot arbitrary get the size and ply they want under different situation. They are forcedto use 20 X 20 cm and 4 plies each time. It will be wasteful to throw the whole piece if they only used a corner. Therefore, some may tear the tissueinto half and put it back to pocket. The design systemize this behavior and it allows user to choose the number of ply needed.

Choose the number of ply needed

Tear along the dotted line in the middle

Enjoy the half of tissue

When the whole tissue is needed, Think twice before getting from the WANT hole

Folded both sides

Hold tightly by elastic band



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