Portable Juicer

Portable Juicer is a common hope of most people. To have a healthy diet, fresh and natural food is needed. A portable juice extractor used outdoor is made for fullling your needs.With the 100% self-made fresh juice, the enjoyment and satisfaction will doubling.


The simple outlook brings a feeling of comfortable.


The orange cutting motion can be done with a specicfic tool without hand touching.


The container is together with the extractor,so there is no need for a further container to contain the juice.


The streamline of contour line make it speedy.


Special Shape of extractor

The top of the extractor can hold the orange better and the knife-shaped slice cansqueeze more juice.


The thorns on the bottom increase the contact are area between the bottom and the orange. So the orange can be hold tightly to do the extraction.

And less force is needed when there is a holder when squeezing the orange.


By compression, the o-ring will deform by the screwing the thread of the bottom.


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